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Natural Artificial Hymen Restore Virginity

Natural Artificial Hymen Restore Virginity

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Virginia Care Artificial Hymen Restore Virginity

Do you want your virginity back? Yes, it’s possible with this product. Many women wish to get their virginity back, but it becomes just a wish. However, this product can fulfill your desire. This is an artificial hymen designed in a very innovative way to help you ‘reboot’ your virginity. The best use can be when you want to keep your past pleasures secret from your future husband/boyfriend also if you are also one of those women who are tired of monotonous sexual routines and are looking for some adventure in your sex life.


The easy-to-use and simple instruction is the best feature of this product. The one thing you must keep in mind before using this product is hygiene. It would help if you washed your hands thoroughly before touching this product. Once you unpack the hymen, you have to place it inside your vagina gently, and it starts liquefying in a matter of minutes. For the best results, you must insert this inside the vagina at least 15-20 minutes before the intercourse. The product is made using body-safe material. The cherry on the cake is that it has artificial blood to spill for making the whole process surreal.

The Artificial Hymen is an innovative  sex toy  to make your act more Kinky  for couples,  its a must for role play .


Length (cm)5

Width (cm)4

Thickness (cm)2.8

Circumference (cm)18

2 pouches with 1 hymen each   in one pack


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