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Being intimate is a beautiful feeling.

Although the old ways are sure good enough, why not spice it up with a shared adult toy as well? For every style, every budget and every person - we have a toy that can help you raise the heat on your bed with your partner.

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Ahem! Look no further because you have come, or shall we say cum, at the right place. We don’t mean to brag but Trykartehai sex toys are the foremost choice for Indians and they can spice your sex life in ways you can’t even imagine.
Our adult sex toys will satisfy all your sexual desires whether you’re alone or with a partner. Leave your sharm and lihaaz at the doorstep of your bedroom and explore your hidden desires bindaas! It’s time to make your fantasies come true with sex toys offered for your ultimate pleasure.

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Where can I buy sex toys in India?

With adult toys, both men and women may have a good time. Trykartehai is an online sex store in India that sells pleasure toys and other personal adult stuff.

Trykartehai, India's best sex toys shop, welcomes you! We take sexual delight in a pleasant, safe, and legal environment. Indian women, men, and couples can experiment with sez toys to spice up their relationships. Discover your dirty side by exploring, being curious, and being adventurous! We provide a variety of options for you, whether you wish to go on a sexual satisfaction journey alone or with your spouse.

Is it legal in India to sell sex toys?

This is one of the questions that is most often mistaken. 'Is it prohibited to purchase pleasure toys from a website outside of India?' The answer is NO, you are not in violation of Indian law. There are regulations regarding obscenity that must be obeyed when purchasing or selling sexual wellness products in India. Your sez toy will always be transported from our India-based warehouse if you shop from Trykartehai, so you won't have to worry about customs or legal difficulties. In addition, all of our items are lawfully imported into India. This implies they follow all local laws and customs procedures to the letter.

Why Should You Purchase Adult Toys from Trykartehai?

Trykartehai has a long history of nurturing and gratifying the sexual needs of thousands of people.We are one of India's most reputable . Our high-quality products have changed a lot of people's lives. We're here to assist you, get rid of the dullness that's got you down. We've landed to provide you a new level of closeness and sexual pleasure. You can find a large variety of masturbation toys in various forms, sizes, and colors.There are toys on the market that have unique mechanics.Every product on our website has been thoroughly tested. We are here to make your sunday delicious, your nights erotic, your honeymoons more adventurous and your love-making more memorable.Here are some key reasons why Trykartehai is India’s top-rated shopping site for adult products:

1)100% legal and hygienic products.

2)Customer privacy and safety.
3)100% Discreet delivery.

Buy sex toys for Women in India

When it comes to appealing to the sexual demands of women and girls, we have a lot to offer. Women who enjoy self-exploration may select from a variety of dildos, while those who seek gratification without much hand movement should choose for a sex vibrator. The BDSM category is also available for those who are more daring. We also have a wide range of dildos collection and anal toys that are suitable for both singles and couples. Checkout Trykartehai’s latest adult products for women:


2]Butt plugs

3]Remote controlled vibrators

4]Artificial hymen


Buy sex toys for Men in India

Many guys are unaware about the several types of sex toys that are accessible to them. Male fun toys come in a variety of styles, including mechanical and battery-operated devices. We provide different types of fleshlights for male masturbation. They are used not just for masturbation, but also to maintain powerful and hard erections. We have a variety of penis sleeves, strapons and vibrators to keep the sex thrill going throughout the deed. There are various anal toys available for males to arouse the P-spot.Checkout some pleasure products for men:


2]Pocket Pussy

3]Male Masturbators

4]Bondage Set

5]Penis Extenders

What are the best sex toys for couples in India?

Couples and sex toys are like designed for each other. There's a common misconception that sex toys are exclusively used by those who don't have someone to have sex or whose relationships can't please them.Couples erotic items exist to improve the enjoyment of sex, and sex becomes insanely fantastic with a partner.Consider a pleasure toy that can be used by both couples at the same time. Wouldn't that be incredible?The finest erotic toys for couples, both opposite sex and same sex, are listed here:

1.BDSM Kit

2.Penis Sleeves

3.Remote controlled vibrators

Are these toys appropriate for travel?

The majority of pleasure toys are lightweight and portable. Women can use discreet vibrators that are fashioned like lipsticks or mascara and are elegant in style, making them simple to carry with their beauty items.Men's toys, on the other hand, are around the size of deodorants, making them easy to purchase and transport.