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discreet vibrators in India

Weird or sweet, buying a few suitable discreet vibrators in India is one of the guilty pleasures that we may have felt while growing up. Indian people are still not very open to this topic. Hence, most of the sex toys shopping is preferred to be kept a secret and is restricted until the online Market. It must be challenging and overwhelming to figure out a good discreet vibrator in India form the online Market as almost all brands claim that theirs the best.

India sex toy market was up by 65% during this lockdown period with women preferring discreet vibrators during the online shopping.

If you are a couple, then this lockdown must have been a sweet point of time in your life. You both would have got enough personal time and some fairly pleasurable time on the bed. Sex toys must be an excellent addition to your sweet times. Many women lookup for discreet vibrators in India as their friendly companion over the realistic vibrators. It is another pleasurable device that is quiet and does it work well. Do you want to know why discreet vibrators are the most popular sex toys option for Indian women? Keep reading the next section.

What are Discreet Vibrators?

Discreet vibrators are the hidden gems of sex toys that can be kept in front of people without knowing what it is. The shape and colour of the discreet vibrators in India are made so that it doesn’t feel obscene to the audience. Essentially they are not in the shape of a male penis and hence don’t attract unwanted attention. Another factor about discreet vibrators is that they mostly whisper quiet and produces minimal vibration sounds when you play with it.

But these features don’t affect its performance. Discreet vibrators in India are powered by robust vibrational motors and can produce a throbbing effect inside your vagina. It can also stimulate your G-Spot well along with clitoral stimulation. Most discreet vibrators in India come with whisper-quiet technology that makes it a suitable sex toy which you can use in your room. Indian culture is very diverse, and we mostly live in a family setup with very little solo living experience. Hence, in this condition, you would need a quiet device and doesn’t catch the attention of other people. Hence discreet vibrators in India are the best choice for you.

Why don’t you check the features of discreet vibrators in India yourself? Sssshh! No one will know.

Features of Discreet Vibrators in India

Women love discreet vibrators, and it is also the most bought sex toys in the online Market. Have you thought why particularly this item is the best-selling sex toys in the Market? We have provided a list of features that you can find in any of the discreet vibrators in India.

  • Desired Size: You know that size is an important factor involved in reaching the peak of pleasure. It’s essential that it reaches deep enough to stimulate the vaginal nerves and the G-spot. Each woman has a different taste as to the depth that can give them pleasure. Discreet vibrators come in different shape and size according to your taste. Whether you want a 7-inch or a 5, you have a fair share of good vibrator options in your hand.
  • Unique Shape: Like said in the first part of this blog, discreet vibrators are not in the typical penis shape product; rather a different design that can keep it hidden. It may be in the shape of a duck or a rabbit, but that surely will not attract unwanted attention in public. You should first figure out your sensitive areas. Do you like clitoris stimulation or vaginal penetration more? Is it only local or in your whole vulva? When you have the answer, then choose discreet vibrators that can satisfy these needs. You can find discreet vibrators in India that have both the capabilities to satisfy your clitoris as well as the vagina.
  • Vibration Settings: Are you a lover of maximum vibration settings that can shake you to your core and help you reach orgasm? Or do you prefer slow settings and smoothly enjoy the moments? These things are important to make you feel ecstatic and hence should be looked upon when buying any discreet vibrators in India. Discreet vibrators come in different vibration settings. Most goes from 1-5 vibrational settings and are enough to please your body. But you also have heavy vibrational options with many discreet vibrators providing up to 30 different settings. Choose the one based on your needs.
  • Quiet Work: All discreet vibrators are nearly quiet and hence have their name. Discreet vibrators in India are meant for women living with their family or working somewhere. These sex toys are whisper-quiet and help you play with it in a small isolated place in any public area. Whether you are in the toilet of your office or a hotel, you can safely use the discreet vibrators to pleasure yourself without worrying about the noise.
  • Material: Most vibrators and sex toys are made from a human use point of view and use safe materials. Silicone toys are the most popular option in the Market and completely safe for internal use. Many pharmaceutical devices are made from silicone materials for the inside use. Hence discreet vibrators are completely safe for use.
  • Affordable: I know price is the main factor for us to buy anything here. And hence sex toys such as vibrators and dildos are completely affordable and priced at heavy discounts. On online sex toys websites like TryKarteHai, you can get attractive discounts on the discreet vibrators in India.

Indian Market is opening to Sex as our basic necessity

Gone are the days, when Sex was considered a pure taboo and was never talked of with others. It was a sacred subject that you didn’t know until the time came. But with established education grounds and a breakthrough of the internet in the rural areas, people, especially youths, are familiar with the subject. Educated people are now more open on their well-being, including sexual wellness. The sudden boom of sex toys markets in 2020 shows this. Discreet vibrators in India remains the most popular sex toys option among women and are affordable as well.

Most market share is captured by Tier 1 cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and more. It holds a high percentage of educated and working-class people who give health a priority. And discreet vibrators in India are one of the highest-selling sex toy items among women.

Where can I buy premium quality discreet vibrators in India at an affordable cost?


Many online stores offer sex accessories and home delivery options. But they may have many hidden conditions that can shock you suddenly. Hence we suggest you buy discreet vibrators in India from trusted brands like TryKarteHai and MySexToys. These stores provide hassle-free doorstep deliveries and are in this field for many years. They have a trusted customer base and quick resolution centre for any of your queries. Sex toys are generally a one-time investment, and hence you should be sure of the store that sells it. And these sites are loved by the customers for their customer-centric marketing process and products.

Final Takeaway on Discreet Vibrators in India

We have checked some of the best discreet vibrators in India available at reasonable price options. Vibrators are personal things and should be purchased with the utmost care. You should check the product material, their designs and features before going to purchase one. Discreet vibrators in India are a good choice for women residing in a family home setup, where someone is always present at home. These vibrators are quiet & controlled and can be used to get orgasms in a controlled manner. Although Sex is a basic need, sometimes these things are not acceptable by our society. Hence to meet these healthy requirements, you can use discreet vibrators in India for Indian women.

We gave you many good options of discreet vibrators, including some global names like Durex, known for excellent quality sex accessories. Look for your requirements and purchase a discreet vibrator that suits your needs. There is another option or going with realistic vibrators that are large and loud and can make your scream with pleasure. You should use them only when you are alone or with your partner.

Vibrators give an excellent vibe while using and can shake your whole world. They give Goosebumps upon good use and help you release your tension through your body. It is a healthy practice and is recommended by sexologists all over the world. Masturbation is not bad if done in a controlled manner. People seeking love and thrill on their own are recommended to try this with some good sex accessories. After all, you got just one life to live, and it shouldn’t be wasted on caring about what the society thinks of as good. Enjoy your body as you are in your years, and keep getting to the climax. Self-pleasure is a need and necessity, and it shouldn’t be looked down in a bad way.