Collection: Lubricants in India brings imported sex lubricants from Amsterdam to India. Lubricants are the unsung hero of Sex, it eases uncomfortable friction, there is no limit to what it can add to intercourse.

Sex lubricants

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Why Sex Lubricants?

Sex lubricants ease uncomfortable friction providing slippery feeling during act which heightens the sexual pleasure.Can be used during sexual intercourse, on sex toy, during masturbation by both men and women alike, with condom, anal intercourse, during blow job or a sexy message. They are also fun to use, both men and women say that using it during the act increases the pleasure. brings imported international quality water based sex lubricants from sex capital Amsterdam to India.

What value sex lubricant brings to the table?

When a woman get aroused she becomes wet, that acts as a natural lubricant but the amount and degree of wetness in women depends on individual. The stress factor, age factor and the surroundings all contribute to it and many a times that lubrication is not enough, so generally couples or individuals use the external lubricant to have more pleasure.

Types of sex Lubricants.

There are three types 1. Water Based 2. Silicon Based and 3. Oil Based. Water based is the most popular because it is Natural.

Water based sex Lubricants

Water based are the most preferred type, they are more natural, contain very less chemicals and are less irritant on inner sensitive skin, they have no taste and it’s almost like natural lubrication without interfering oral sex or other types of play. Can be used with condoms, for best results needs to be applied on man before the condom is unrolled and on tip of both partners. This act will take you to Heavens!

Silicon based sex Lubricants

They are safe and have comparatively higher chemical composition than water based ones. They last longer and leave your skin smooth and soft, can be used with condom.

Oil based sex Lubricants.

Generally, day to day item fall in this category like coconut oil, petroleum jellies, message oil, baby oil which can be found easily in day to day life. These can some time cause allergies, rashes on sensitive skin and when used with condoms can damage the condom.

Doing sex lubricants, the right way

Lubricants have been used in some form or the other for centuries. Commonly known as lube, this watery liquid is usually used during sexual intercourse or any other acts of masturbation. They are mainly designed to provide more comfort decreasing the friction and ease penetration, this must be applied to the penis, vagina or anus during sexual intercourse while it is also applied to sex toys while masturbating.

The sex lubricant Genre.

Sex lubricants in India are becoming more popular among couples with 40 years or more of age, as they want to overcome vaginal dryness and improve sensation. Couples traditionally in India use house hold items as lubes, which can cause allergies and other side effects. brings imported safe and tested international standards sex lubricants to India from the worlds sex capital Amsterdam. Use of sex lubricants an increase staying time significantly and men tend to last longer, thrusting away at their partner. As it provides more greasing, gay men can use them for anal and oral sex to ease penetration, Lesbians can use the same for any phallic shaped object for their satisfaction, Solo playing or masturbating guys and girls can use it as personal sex products to get the maximum out of the experience.