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Penis Sleeves

Penis sheath, sleeves, or extenders, call them by any of your favorite names, they are one of the most popular sex toys for men in India. The penis sleeve is a versatile sex toy that slides over the penis, giving it an extra girth and length for a pleasurable night. Some also call them cock sleeves. They look similar to dildos, except they are hollow from the inside. It fits over the wearer's penis and holds its place through the loop that encircles the testicles.


How to Use Penis Sleeves?

Just wear it like a condom. The penis sleeve can be thought of as an extension of your body. It will help you in making your partner climax early.


Why is Penis Sleeve Used?

Initially, penis sleeves were used by men having problems like erectile dysfunction. They also helped men who couldn't maintain their erection for long. This concept was popular before Viagra and Cialis were invented. With time, their use has remained the same, except new features are added so that anyone can enjoy wearing them. Some of their benefits include:


To Increasing the Girth and Length of the Penis

Penis sleeves add to the length and girth of your penis. They are visually appealing and look like an enlarged penis. They help you in experimenting with different angles of penetration during sex.

To Achieve Thrilling Sensations

Many penis sleeves today come with an in-built vibrator to add more excitement to sex. With penis extenders, you'll be able to satisfy your partner in more ways than ever. With varieties of shapes and sizes of silicone penis sleeves, hitting her G-spot becomes an easy sport. Intensely stimulate her clitoris and double the fun you give to her.

To Last Longer

The euphoric pleasure sensations are the culprit behind quick orgasms in men. The silicone penis sleeve has thin skin, but enough to reduce the heightened sensations felt by your penis. So it helps you last longer on the bed. 


How to Choose the Right Penis Sleeve?

When we are considering penile enhancement, we think of size as the main parameter. A penis sleeve is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, enhancing your girth and shape. Your fantasy of gaining some extra inches to make her high with pleasure will be witnessed in reality. Before you get a penis extender, check with your partner regarding their preferred length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are penis sleeves disposable?

Penis sleeves are just like other sex toys for men, they are washable and reusable.

How to maintain penis sleeves?

Wash them with soap and lukewarm water, dry them before use. Avoid alcohol rich products for cleaning, they may degrade the penis sleeve body. Also, store them in the proper case.

What is the difference between penis sleeves and condoms?

Condoms prevent pregnancy by collecting your semen, not letting it discharge in the woman’s vagina. They are thin, durable and can be easily put on the skin. Penis sleeves are harder than condoms, they are worn over your penis to increase its length and girth during sex. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Do women enjoy penis sleeves?

Yes, women love penis sleeves, as they have increased length and girth.