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Anal Toys

Sometimes, anal things make your intimate time more fun. Anal toys are exciting addition if you are fed up using the same toys. The booty gets less attention, so give it a dose of pleasure with the anal toys. Let these little beasts enter the holes and invoke pleasure thrills.

Trykartehai is the right place for you that perfectly caters to your sexual desires. We bring you the classy and premium anal sex toys to make your anal timing super satisfying.

What are Anal Sex Toys?

Anal toys are used for anal fun, as the name makes it obvious. They send thrilling sensations through your anal hole with tickles and vibrations. They come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and textures.

Anal action can be a bit painful sometimes, it’s better to have a warm-up before going all in. 

They are compact toys, you can easily carry them without others knowing. You can also include them in your solo erotic games.

Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Firstly, review the size and shape of the toy, pick the one that fits your butt. Once you are ready to give nice drilling to your bottom, apply lubricant. This makes your anal fun silky smooth, keeping all the complication and the pain aside.

Why Lubrication is Essential While Using Anal Toys?

Unlike the vagina, the anus is dry.Lube makes it slippery and lets the toy enter effortlessly.

Lube prevents pain and discomfort during anal play.

It helps the toy stay in its original shape and prevents damage during hard-thrusting.

Are anal toys safe?

Yes, anal toys are safe. A few complications linked to anal toys can be easily eliminated by lubricants.

How to use anal sex toys?

Make sure you are ready with lube before getting into the action with anal toys. These slippery compounds ensure you have a satisfying time with anal sex toys.

How to choose the right anal toy for you?

Catch a glimpse of exotic varieties of anal sex toys at Pick a toy that rightly fits your butt.

How to maintain anal sex toys?

You can store these toys anywhere, but it is advised to keep these toys in a neat and clean place. They shouldn’t be exposed to any bacteria and infections.

What are the different types of anal sex toys?

Anal fun beads

Enter these beads inside your ass in sequence, they give you an ultimate penetration experience. The angled shapes of beads and their different sizes add more pleasure to your anal time.

Butt plug

Hold this butt plug in your anal hole for a few hours, or an entire day. It makes your home ready for nice drilling. 

Vibrating butt plug

This anal toy is combined with a vibrating feature, it gives a buzzing sensation to your bottom.