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Kayden Kross Sex Toy (Fleshlight)

Kayden Kross Sex Toy (Fleshlight)

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If you love watching porn then you already know who Kayden Kross is, and if you don’t – guys, Kayden Kross is like a porn star goddess! We are sure you must have fantasized entering her vagina whenever you watch her on screen.

The good news is that we have made your fantasy alive by bringing you the ultimate Kayden Kross Sex Toy Fleshlight. What’s special about it? Well, this fleshlight gives you the chance to experience something close to what you can only watch on your screen and desire. You know what we are talking about! Prepare to experience a satisfaction like never before when you’ll enter the deep chamber of this fleshlight.

Let us tell you about the Kayden Kross Dildo Fleshlight in detail. To start with, it will blow your mind! We almost imagined you smiling while reading this. Boys and men, this fleshlight is designed to feel like a real vagina. The soft fleshy lips, the inner folds, the soft ridges and bumps, the plump fleshy feel like the insides of a vagina – all of this will take you to the helm of pleasure.

It is 25.4cm (10 inches) deep and its stretchy interiors are made to fit perfectly as per your shape and size. Even though it looks a little bulky, its sturdy plastic casing makes sure you get a nice grip till the time you orgasm. We are warning you that this fleshlight will make your masturbation unbelievably awesome.

Product Specifications

Material – SuperSkin
Colour - Skin
Length – 10 inches (26 cm)
Width – 4 inches (10.16 cm)
Thickness – 4 inches (10.2 cm)

Key Features

1. The insides of this fleshlight are divided into four individual chambers, each of which tightens and provides a more intense form of stimulation.
2. This fleshlight’s uneven trajectory on the insides give ultimate rubbing sensations.
3. It feels incredible as it gets tighter and tighter the further you progress into it.
4. This is an incredibly realistic sleeve that is extremely difficult to tell apart from the real thing.
5. Its walls are smooth, with stimulation generated by the actual shape of the sleeve's internal walls.

How to Use Kayden Kross Sex Toy?

1. Before using, soak the fleshlight in lukewarm water for a few minutes. To warm up your sleeve, do not microwave it. You run the risk of overheating the SuperSkin material, which could harm you and damage the material.

2. Use a water-based lubricant because silicone-based lubricants damage the Super Skin material.

3. It's a good idea to warm up your lube at the same time as your fleshlight.

4. Gently insert your penis into the Fleshlight, grab the toy with one hand, and move it back and forth to simulate sexual movements. You can even adjust the fleshlight's tightness by adjusting the end cap.

How to clean and store the Kayden Kross Dildo Fleshlight?

1. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the fleshlight with warm soapy water or a sex toy cleaner that can be bought from our website. While cleaning, avoid using too much force or sharp objects. It can lead to lacerations or bruises.
2. After thoroughly cleaning the insides of the fleshlight, allow it to air dry until completely dry. The patented SuperSkin material lasts for a long time, but only if cared for properly.
3. Never put the cap back if the inside of the fleshlight is damp, even slightly. This will allow the bacteria to grow which will not only cause the SuperSkin material to smell bad, but will also damage it and can pass the bacteria on to you.
4. Before replacing the lid on the fleshlight, make sure it is clean and dry. Place it away from direct sunlight to dry because long exposure to direct sunlight can damage the material.
5. Store it in a clean pouch away from sunlight and moisture.



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