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Adriana Chechik Sex Toy (Vagina Fleshlight)

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Adriana Chechik Vagina Fleshlight Empress

Ever heard of Adriana Chechik? Yes? We knew it! If not, then guys she is the most sensational, sizzling hot and super gorgeous porn movie star. If you watch her, we are quite sure that you would want to put yourself inside her.

Now that’s a distant possibility, but we bring you Adriana Chechik sex toy for mind-blowing masturbation whenever, wherever and however you want. The opening of this vagina fleshlight is designed exactly like Adriana’s dreamy vagina that will take your self-pleasure to another level.

The inner texture of this fleshlight feels like a real vagina with perfect bumps and ridges. It is stretchy enough to fit you perfectly and firm enough to give you the right grip for the most amazing experience.

Don’t forget to add a lubricant and you are good to go for a hell of a ride. A lubricant will reduce friction and give you a smooth gliding feel in and out. Now you can enjoy your dream of having sex with your favorite porn star at your whim and fancy. Day or night, at home or on a holiday, this discreetly designed fleshlight is guaranteed to make your self-love session mind-blowing.

Product specifications

Length: 10 inches (25.00 cm)

Inner length: 8 inches (20.00 cm)

Outer diameter: 3.5 inches (9.00 cm)

Material – Super smooth and soft patented SuperSkin

Colour – Beige

Key features

1. SuperSkin is a highly realistic material that precisely simulates intercourse. This high-end Fleshlight was created by replicating Adriana's vagina.

2. To get the life-like feeling of a vagina, you can adjust the end cap's suction by tightening and loosening it as per your choice.

3. This fleshlight gives the same adrenaline rush as seeing Chechik's crazy sexual scenes in the porn movies does. Although with the exception that you can actually feel it thanks to the carefully constructed many chambers of tight yet plump rings, indulgent nubs, and waves that tingle the right spots.

How to use Adriana Chechik Sex Toy?

1. Before using, take the sleeve out of its packing and let it soak for a few minutes in lukewarm water. Do not warm up your sleeve in the microwave. You run the danger of damaging both the material and yourself by overheating the SuperSkin, which could be harmful to you.

2. Use a water-based lubricant to lubricate yourself because silicone-based lubricants can harm SuperSkin material.

3. Warming up both your lube and your fleshlight is a good idea.

4. Place your penis within the Fleshlight, hold the toy in one hand, and raise and lower the cup to represent sexual motions. Even the Fleshlight's tightness can be altered by adjusting the end cap.

How to Clean and Store the Adriana Chechik Fleshlight Empress?

1. Ensure that you thoroughly clean it with warm, soapy water or sex toy cleanser. Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals or devices that are too sharp.

2. After carefully cleaning the insides, let it outside to dry by air until it is entirely dry. If you take good care of the proprietary SuperSkin material, it will endure a long time.

3. Regardless of how slightly damp the interior of the fleshlight is, never reattach the cap. In addition to making the environment appropriate for germs to develop, this may harm the SuperSkin and cause it to begin to smell unpleasant. It may also transmit the bacteria to you.

4. Make sure the fleshlight is thoroughly clean and dry before replacing the lid. Place it somewhere out of direct sunlight so that it can air dry because the material may suffer damage if it is exposed to sunlight for long hours.


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