Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

Sexual desires are one of the basic and most common instincts in any human being. Both men and women in today’s time make use of sex toys in order to enhance their sexual experience no matter whether they are single or already have a partner. Even though sex toys for women are really popular, sex toys for men also have been available for quite a long time, but only now are men actually getting familiar with the concept of sex toys for men.

If you are planning on getting yourself a sex toy and if you want to know more about sex toys for men, then today we bring you a detailed guide featuring all important information that you should know about before picking a sex toy for men.

What are the popular sex toys for men?


Now, when anyone thinks of sex toy for men, the first toy that comes into the mind is obviously a fleshlight. For the uninitiated, a fleshlight is a sex toy that looks like a vagina and you can have sexual pleasure by penetrating your penis inside the opening of the fleshlight. Not just the looks of the fleshlight are designed to resemble a vagina but the inside of the fleshlight is also designed in such a way that when penetrated, it gives a similar experience of penetrating inside a vagina.

Even though fleshlights are the most popular and most commonly chosen sex toy for men, it is not the only option that men have when it comes to sex toys. Below are some of the other sex toys for men that are available everywhere:

Pocket Pussy:

A Pocket Pussy functions the same way as a fleshlight. However, what makes a pocket pussy different from a fleshlight is its design. A fleshlight is very obvious in its design and is not very much portable whereas a pocket pussy has a discreet design and in a glance it is quite hard to take a pocket pussy for a sex toy which makes it very convenient to carry around.

Male Masturbators

The Male Masturbators may sound similar to fleshlights in function but is more focused towards providing a handjob experience rather than simulating a vagina. Most male masturbators are compact in size when compared to a fleshlight and may not be as realistic but offers great pleasure.

Bondage Set

Men also love bondage and submission and for those who loves domination and submission, a bondage set is also one of the best sex toys out there.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are basically penis shaped covers that you can wear over your penis. The purpose of penis extenders is to basically increase the length and girth of your penis so that while having sex your partner can have more pleasure. Penis extenders can be pleasurable for men as well, as the interior of the penis extender is designed to provide heightened pleasure to the man wearing it as well.

How to choose a Sex Toy for Men?

Now that you know the popular sex toys for men that are available out there, the next common question that you will have is about which one to choose.

Well, the answer to this question comes down to your usage itself. If you are looking for solo pleasure, then a male masturbator or a fleshlight is the best choice. Talking about fleshlights, there are fleshlights designed to simulate the vagina of porn stars as well, which might give you even more pleasure.

If you are looking for a sex toy that you can use while having an intercourse with your partner in order to improve the pleasure, then something like a cock ring or a penis extender is a great choice.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a sex toy for men

Below are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a sex toy for men.

  • Always make sure to purchase your sex toy from a trusted store or website so as to make sure that you get a genuine and safe product.
  • There are some places around the world where purchase and possession of sex toys are illegal. Do make sure that no such restrictions in your state/country.
  • Do check the material that is used to manufacture the sex toy and if do not purchase the toy if you are allergic to any material that is used in manufacturing the sex toy.
  • Always look out for reviews from previous customers about the sex toy if you are purchasing from an online store. And if from an offline store, ask for recommendations from your friends for the best store in your area.

Sex Toys for Men: FAQ

Below we have mentioned some of the most frequently asked questions about sex toys for men along with their answers.

Are sex toys for men safe?

The sex toys for men are designed and manufactured in such a way that it is safe for all men while using it. However, if you are allergic to the material used in manufacturing any sex toy, then you should avoid using the toy.

How to clean a sex toy?

The best way to clean a sex toy is by washing it with warm soapy water. Once washed and rinsed, you can use a clean and dry towel to dry your sex toy and then store it in a dry place.

Is it necessary to keep a fleshlight in warm water before using it?

Most of the fleshlight manufacturers will ask customers to put the fleshlight in warm water for some time before using the fleshlight. Keeping your fleshlight in warm water will raise its temperature and when you then penetrate into the fleshlight, it will quickly adjust to the room temperature thus offering the experience of penetrating into a real vagina.

Final Words

We hope that this article on sex toys for men was informative to you and helped you in gaining insight on the different types of sex toys for men that there are and the ones that you should consider buying for yourself.

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