Masturbation Techniques Every Guy Should Know to Heighten His Pleasure

Masturbation Techniques Every Guy Should Know to Heighten His Pleasure

It is believed that 80 percent of men, across the globe, masturbate on a regular basis. From teenagers to guys in their late thirties, everyone enjoys the pleasure of ejaculating through masturbation. In fact, some studies have even shown that guys who are in a happy relationship prefer self-pleasure over intercourse with their partner. Remember Don-Jon?

Well, the truth is masturbation is a healthy and natural way to achieve pleasure and relieve stress off your mind. It can also help you get rid of the sexual tension and enjoy a profound goodnight sleep. 

While there are several health benefits of masturbation, most of the guys don’t last longer than 3-5 minutes while jerking off. Unlike ladies, guys don’t have the power to enjoy a longer self-pleasure session. 

However, with certain techniques, even men can increase their masturbation time and step-up their solo jerking sessions. These techniques include everything, starting from using fleshlight in India to trying different stroking patterns. 

So, if you also want to last longer while masturbating, continue reading, the following blog is for you. 

Try Edging

Edging is a technique where you start masturbation and stop immediately when you’re about to cum. While it may sound stupid, but edging can also help you last longer with your partner. The goal is to keep yourself from ejaculating. To do so, all you need to do is keep jerking off and take your hand off your dick when you’re about to cum. 

Once your dick gets into the limp position, start jerking off again and stop when you feel you are going to cum. Now, eventually, you’ll come at a certain point, but the key is to maximize this time as much as possible. 

Some guys even do this by finding a masturbation rhythm. The benefit of edging is that it lets you experience a powerful ejaculation at the end. Edging can also help guys who are suffering from premature ejaculation. Edging will help you to last longer on bed and give your best during sex. 

Switch Your Hand

If you have been masturbating with your right hand all your life, it’s time to give it a rest for a while and let the other one do the job. Switching hands is exactly the same as switching positions during sex. It gives a different sensation to the penis and as a result, you can increase the masturbation time. 

Switching hands is probably the easiest and most effective way to enjoy masturbation for a longer time period. As compared to other techniques such as stacking two pillows and putting the dick in-between, switching hands is a far easier way to masturbate effectively. 

Use Fleshlights

A fleshlight in India is one of the most popular sex toys for men. While it may hurt the male ego of some men, using sex toys is actually good for health. Moreover, there’s another benefit of using sex toys for men. Suppose your hormones are urging and you don’t have a chick to fuck.

What should you do? Well, you turn to your sex toys. A fleshlight in India is basically a tube-like structure that is designed to replicate a vagina. The inner texture of the fleshlight gives the same sensation as an actual pussy. 

All you need is a good-quality sex lubricant and the perfectly-shaped fleshlight. Simply apply the lubricant on your dick and insert it inside the fleshlight. This can give you more real-life experience and you can also give a rest to your hand. 

Fleshlight in India is available online at our store. We provide an extensive range of fleshlights for men, which are an exact replica of vaginas of various pornstars including Asa Akira, Kayden Kross, and Jenna Haze. 

It means with fleshlights, you can even live the dream of fucking your favorite pornstar. 

Don’t Just Watch Porn

No doubt, everyone loves an erotic porn video. But, that’s not the only content that can turn you on. The Internet is stacked with a wide variety of content, ranging from literature to audio-clips, that are perfect to get your hormones up and running. 

Some guys even prefer reading erotic novels as they express love & sex in a more passionate way than an eight-minutes long porn clip. So, mix things up and consume different types of erotic content to enjoy the most powerful ejaculation of your life. 

Use Sex Lubricants

Even if you don’t want to use a fleshlight in India or any other sex toy, you can still use a lubricant to masturbate with your hand. As surprising as it may sound, but using lubricants while masturbating with your hand can actually make you last longer and cum more powerfully. 

Simply apply the lubricant and put on your favorite kind of porn. Believe me, you’ll be able to enjoy more pleasure with every stroke. And, in the end, you’ll enjoy an extremely powerful ejaculation. 

Wrapping Things Up

So, next time you want to enjoy the best pleasure while jerking off, make sure to follow the above-mentioned masturbation tips. In case you want to purchase sex toys for men and women, go through our collection. We provide a wide variety of sex toys you can use to boost your sexual health and enjoy a fulfilling experience every time. We even offer sex toys for couples that’ll help you boost your chemistry with your partner. 

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