How to Become A Big Dawg and Turn That Banana Bigger & Better?

How to Become A Big Dawg and Turn That Banana Bigger & Better?

If you are a guy, it’s normal to wish for a bigger banana! Every young guy yearns for this most adorable dream to come true. Though mostly have opinions that no miracle exists that could genuinely make a man with a short and thin dildo feel proud on the bed. However, it’s true until you make a smart move.

A rock-hard dick while having sex helps you turn a big beast for that woman. For her, the size and girth of your dildo do matter! Perhaps that woman somehow is managing the play with your shorter and loose tool. Still, you should exercise these few tricks to make that banana look more appealing to her eyes.

To be honest, after trying these methods, it's pretty sure you are going to make that bedtime more adventurous. Make sure no one is spying on you as after trying these tricks, the wild side of yours is likely to come alive.

Lubricant Application

There's no surprise if your emotions are also bursting out with some naughtiest sexual desires. But don't shy! You aren't the only one observing such a dramatic sensation. It is an issue with every young man. Therefore, you shouldn't let these feelings lock you in, and hence start caring for that dildo. Don't let it feel dry inside her. Make her feel comfortable by applying lubricant on that dildo and take her on a smooth ride. The reflection will automatically make it look bigger. The erection will also be stronger as the oily application will make the upper layer more sensational.

Use Fleshlight

If you are still a solo-performer and used to carry out that lovely task alone, then this is something you can't resist trying. A fleshlight is more than just a masturbator tool for men. You can use this coolest thing as a trainer that will refine the beauty of your dildo. The best thing about this tool is that you can check your potential without any disappointment, which is a problem with many guys while spending the first night with girlfriends. Using this tool, you can test when and how your banana turns bigger that actually provides you with a real-life feel and spice up your mood.

Use Penis Extender

The penis extender is another great tool that is solely designed for those poor guys who are struggling with a short penis. The extender gives a nice stretch to your banana, and if somehow you manage to use this extender for a longer time, better results may start becoming visible. But before you end up using this tool, consider undertaking some precautions. There's no quick fix that could help you miraculously to turn a big dawg, it takes time.

Getting Dermal Fillers

Now, this may sound a quite painful alternative, but mostly men don't hesitate to go through this treatment when it comes to strengthening the main attribute of manhood. Dermal fillers increase the girth of your cock and make it look wider than before. If you don't seek a lengthier but thicker tool that swings your woman's mood, go with this alternative. But before you consider this treatment, think about some preventions and precautions. You can't imagine giving her a lovely ride right after taking the treatment.

Shave Your Pubs


If you want to experience one of the most the coziest time together, then don’t let hair become a barrier in your happy time. Shave that boy, and let it aesthetically look great than before. You’ll automatically feel the difference by significant inches once it turns flashy. It’s also about intimacy and familiarity that women might not be finding your body that compelling as it will be after you give a nice shave to the important gem of your body.


Surgery is a substitute for dermal fillers if you aren't that impressed with any of these methods. You may think about going with this alternative but at your own risk. Yes! Surgeries are subjected to risk, especially since your genitals are the most sensitive part of your body. A minute infection may lead your life into big trouble. It isn't essential that the end results meet your sexual anticipation. Go ahead only if you are confident in your decision.

Use Hallow Strap with Artificial Dildo


Don't panic; if you seek an instant and risk-free solution that sexually please you both together at once, consider this hallow strap with a big artificial dildo. Give them the best treat they desire. You can even use these straps in raw form without a dildo to ensure your joystick stay in the right position and angle and erect properly like a young guy. Else, use this amazing thing with an artificial dildo that comes in varying sizes to hit that girl in the most seductive style. Buy this coolest thing for men only at TryKarteHai, where a sex-savvy finds the real treasure.

Lifestyle and Diet Plan

Lifestyle and diet plan equally affects the size, girth and appearance of your banana toy. However, this can't be deemed as a solution to fix the low-esteem issue in your sexual life, as this can't turn that short tool bigger overnight. Due to numerous reasons, lifestyle and dieting plan are a big contributor if you aren't happy with that short boy. You must endeavor to keep your body fit and fine, as it will stimulate stamina and testosterone level in your body, and you know its preciousness on that night.

The Bottom Line: It’s All About Experiment

Ultimately, now you are ready to kick start your journey. Above, you can see some of the best methods that are highly effective to make that libido look compelling. However, few ways may sound a bit overwhelming, whereas a few of them are cheapest yet more productive, which you must try on that date night with a loved one. If it is the first time you are showing off yourself entirely, start using these tricks. Your banana will soon achieve the desired height and girth and make you feel proud of becoming a big dawg.

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