How sex toys use can help you beat  Corona?

How sex toys use can help you beat Corona?

How sex toys use can help you beat Corona?

Sex toys can boost your immunity and improve your health. Even they can protect you from Corona Virus.

You might call me mad over this, but the truth is that the fact is correct. Before you start ravaging my ideas, let me give you a quick insight from a top health research paper.

“There may be essential differences in immune function between healthy women who are sexually active versus abstinent. Sexually active people tend to have a better immune system.” (Tierney K Lorenz 2017) .” Tierney K Lorenz, Julia R Heiman, Gregory E Demas

That seems like a valid point to be looked on. If you are now hooked on that statement, do read this next section which will unfold that mystery in details. Sex is a natural urge and a necessity that is looked down by our society as a thing of secrecy. It may be because of very little education and awareness about this subject. And that’s a failure on our part because even after so many years of independence we are not able to talk openly about a topic that is our basic need. Sex toys can improve our health in many ways that we are unaware of. This article will focus on making you aware of the benefits of using sex toys.

Five benefits of using sex toys

Sex toys are used extensively in the global world and are free of any side-effects. Many leading researchers have shown that masturbation using any sex toy is beneficial for health. This section will cover more details on this topic.

  1. Releases stress and anxiety: Sexual encounters are known to reduce pain and stress levels. If you have ever checked this out that when you have pain like headache or other, sexual arousal can help you forget that and enjoy yourself. People who are frequently playing with their sex toys are having a lesser amount of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This reduced level of cortisol is the key to reducing stress.

    Moreover, releasing your sex hormones helps you in releasing the tension in the body. It eventually helps in reducing stress levels and feels happy. Endorphins that are neurotransmitters and are the reason for emotional feelings like pleasure, happiness and energy are released during the sex session. Hence it is directly associated with boosting your mood and making you feel lively. The above given scientific reasons are verified by health experts and help in reducing your stress levels and feeling good.

  2. Helps you discover your body and libido: The inherent use of sex toys is to use it for your body to discover your sexuality areas. The more you love your body, the healthier you will feel. Using sex toys helps release a hormone called oxytocin which is a love hormone. It makes you happier and helps to build intimacy with your partner. If you and your partner are using sex toys to please yourself, then there would be a better chance to build intimacy.

    Also using sex toys is great because it helps you discover your body. Particularly in female, there is sophisticated usage of different parts in their pubic area. And due to very little education about this subject, they don’t know about their body most of their times. Using a sex toy like vibrator or dildo may help them discover their pleasure areas and use them to stimulate their anal, vaginal and clitoris. In this way, you can practically check your body and know which part of your body pleasures you the most.

  3. Masturbation burns calories: Any activity that requires the body part movement burns calories. And masturbation is one of them. During masturbation, your body is tensed out and releases various hormones that consume energy. Moreover, body movement and pleasure will also help you in burning your calories.

    If you are having sex with your partner and using sex toys to spice up your sexual life, then that’s a good way of reducing some of your weight. Depending on the intensity of your sexual encounter/ masturbation, your calories burnt will be different.

  4. Get better sleep:You can get better sleep after orgasms using sex toys for masturbation. It is a 2019 study published by top health experts and psychologists as said earlier, that during orgasms, oxytocin is released which helps you in relaxing. It particularly helps you in getting your beauty sleep easily.

    Partners who have sex sleep more peacefully and soundly. It makes them relaxed and releases stress that gets them a complete sleep.

  5. Boosts immunity: Sex helps in the release of Immunoglobin A, which are natural immunity elements. They kill foreign substances in our body and protect it from any virus or disease. In this way, you can even say that sex toys help you in boosting your immunity and fighting viruses, including the present one.

    Although more research is going on this topic to establish a solid relationship between sex and the immune function, till now scientists have discovered that sex helps in the release of IgA that ultimately helps in boosting your immunity to fight and keep the diseases at bay, hence having masturbation using sex toys is beneficial for boosting your immunity.

How do sex toys help men’s health?

Sex toys are beneficial in controlling the premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and another sort of sexual health problems. It can improve their libido and other post-surgical sexual problems. Sex toys for men majorly consist of flesh vaginal device and constriction rings that can help in maintaining the erect position for a longer duration. The health welfares that men can get from sex toys are immense, including the facts of an above-given section. They help men in maintaining their erectile penis for longer that can help them in satisfying their partners equally. It also makes them feel better that they were able to satisfy their lovers.

Flesh vaginal devices for men are basically a realistic-looking fleshy device which can be used to do masturbation. It gives a realistic feeling, and hence you can naturally get your orgasms quickly. These sex toys are safe and meant for continuous use. By masturbation, sex toys help men release their stress and tension and activate relaxing hormones to make them happy.

How do sex toys help women’s health?

Masturbation is something of a similar effect on women’s health as of men. They are also happy and satisfied after masturbation. Women’s body is a little more complex due to their essential variation in the pubic area. They have three holes that are anal, vaginal and a urethra. Any they can be stimulated in all of these areas to help them reach orgasm. Hence the vibrators and dildos have to be made in such a way that it can satisfy their multiple orgasm points simultaneously. Good vibrators are equipped with an external branch for clitoris vibration.

Masturbation for women is good as their oestrogen and oxytocin hormone is released that releases stress and tension from the body. Even masturbation can help in regulating your blood pressure. It also increases the number of white blood cells that fights infection and provide immunity. In every health way, masturbation is good for women.

Conclusion: Sex toys are good for health.

With all the above references and scientific studies conducted by an esteemed health organisation, it is a-confirmed that masturbation and sex are good for our health. Sex toys enhance pleasure and provide a comfy environment to satisfy your desires. People having a dry spell needn’t worry either. Because there is no scientific fact that not having masturbation or sex is bad either. It’s just that masturbation is good for health.

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