How fleshlights can improve your sex life

How fleshlights can improve your sex life

It’s time to get down to business and ask yourself some honest questions guys. 

Do you orgasm quicker than you’d like? And is this leading to anxiety and frustration between you and your partner? Well, We’ve got just the thing that will keep you going! We’ve got the answers to the questions you’ve been asking, and the good news is, you’ll enjoy it! 

Just like athletes train for stamina and agility by going to the gym or repeatedly practicing the same sport, you can boost your sexual performance by periodic practice. This will help you increase the time it takes you to reach an orgasm.

For heterosexual males, the best way to do this would be to use a male masturbator popularly know as a Fleshlight.

But first, let's cover the basics!

What is a fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a silicone mimic of a vagina to give the real feel of penetrative sex with no strings attached. 

Designed to be discreet the fleshlight comes with a lid that when placed on, transforms your guilty pleasure a flashlight! Keeping your nocturnal activities safe and sound. 

How do I use a Fleshlight?

You can use the fleshlight as a substitute for your hands when masturbating with additional lube of your choice for smooth sailing. 

If you’re looking for hands-free action, you can wedge the Fleshlight between your mattress or tape it to a solid surface as you go in for the kill. 

Can I ejaculate in the Fleshlight?

Yes! Built to mimic the real thing, so you can enjoy late nights, you can safely ejaculate into your Fleshlight with no mess and fuss. To add to all the pros of your toy, it is completely detachable allowing you to simply wash the silicone interior with gentle cleaning solutions that you can find on our website!

Stamina Training Units:

While there are several Fleshlight sleeves to choose from today for pleasurable masturbation the STU or Stamina Training Unit is specifically designed to help you delay your orgasm with the most realistic feel on the market, it is the ultimate 2 in 1. 

With functions to act as both a pleasurable toy and trainer, the STU is designed with smooth pillow-like ridges that are smooth in texture as you penetrate and harder finger-like projections that grip your length as you retract to maximize pleasure and amplify intensity, allowing You to work on controlling your orgasm without the pressure of satisfying your partner, and at the same time, making things more straightforward for you, both psychologically and physically.

How does this help you train?

Getting right down to the question you want answered, ‘How does this help me improve my stamina and increase my duration?’ Well, the point of the STU is to help you identify when you reach ‘the point of no return’, allowing you to understand and experiment what style of thrusting keeps you going with no threat of ending the pleasure!

Do you still have questions? Visit our website for more answers!

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