Don't Miss these 5 Movies with Unbelievable Scenes about Sextoys.

Don't Miss these 5 Movies with Unbelievable Scenes about Sextoys.

There has been a 14% net increase in the sexual contents form 1998 to 2005 . And the percentage has risen steeply in our modern times.

Movies open our world to an array of possibilities and new ideas. Whether you are Nolan's fan or Michael Bay's, you must be intrigued by the vast dimension of ideas portrayed in the movies. New technology, space flights, superheroes and more. There is also some steamy romance, hot ladies, fierce fight scenes and the good-old sex. All these capture the essence of living, for it is as diverse as we can think of.

Do you know that teen magazines in the US devote at-least 2.5 pages per issue for sexual topics?

That is also one of the most curious and often talked topics among people. We are used to explicit content on TVs, movies, and even porn sites. However, porn sites are still the only source of hardcore scenes available to the people. It may seem absurd, but we are introduced to the masturbation concept through porns only. But do you know that certain movies have portrayed the use of sex toys in their scenes? The movies are accessible to all, and any scene filmed in it can be legally seen by all the willing people. These concepts are not new as they were introduced back in the 80s and are continuing till now. This blog tells you about five such movies that portray sextoys for women in their scenes.

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

    Holy hell!!! This was the movie that garnered too much hype due to the sex and dominating nature of the protagonist in the movie. Ana (played by Dakota Johnson) is a senior college student. She unknowingly moves towards a fate full of pain and pleasure. She took the work of her sick roommate to interview a business tycoon for their campus paper. This unknown move turns towards new dusk of life for Anastasia Steele. She finds herself weirdly attracted to Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan) and the same for Christian. It leads Ana to find a new realm of sex possibilities using different kinky sex toys that push the boundaries of pleasure and pain. The movie franchise has seen success with three releases. The trilogy's last movie was Fifty Shades Freed released in 2018 featuring both Dakota and Jamie as their protagonist. All the three movies of this franchise revolve around the same topic of sex and domination.

    The sextoys used here are handcuffs, lashes, clitoris clamps and other sextoys for women. The movie is full of sex scenes and is one of the most explicit movies of all times. It portrays a wide set of bondage sextoys and their seamless use.

  2. A Four Letter Word (2007)

    The movie shows the life of 6 people revolving around the idea of gay sex and sexual relations. The story is set in New York City where Luke is planning to settle with handsome Stephen. He later learns that Stephen is hiding an important secret that may affect their relationship. Another story revolves around Derek and Peter, where both have agreed to move together. But Peter's odd behaviour is freaking Derek out, and he goes on to find the reasons. On the other hand, Peter's boss Marilyn has started to realise that she is attracted to women despite her coming wedding. The movie came in 2007 and gave a pretty bold message of gay and lesbian life. It also shows sextoys for men as Luke works in a sex shop along with Zeke.

  3. Eating Raoul (1982)

    The plot is set in the 80s where Paul Bland runs works in a small wine shop. He has a beautiful wife who works as a nurse and is groped by her patients. Paul is fired from his shop and dreams to run his restaurant one day. One day a drunkard swinger makes way into his home to rape Mary where he hits him on his head with a pan. He kills him there and to hide this crime, he loots his pockets and dumps him in the trash compactor. It becomes the movie's whole story, where Mary lures rich swingers into his home, and they would kill them and steal. A lot of flesh and sex toys are shown in this movie used by the protagonists and the side-casts. The movie created much hype during its times as it was a cult dark movie full of wine and sex toys for women.

  4. Amateur Night (2016)

    Guy Carter, who is unemployed and a new father, finds himself in a troubling night while offering services as a chauffeur for three call girls. The movie starts showing the pathetic financial condition of Guy and her wife, Anne. Carter is unemployed, and Anne finds a driving job ad posted on Craigslist. Anne forces carter to go and try his luck there. On his way there he thought that he would be a pizza driver and the job would be fine. He soon finds that he would be chauffeuring call girls to their customers to his unlucky and crazy fate. Nikki, her first customer, told him to head up to her regular customer. This kinky doctor was interested in bondage sex with her. After some time, when Nikki doesn't show up, he storms in his house and they both flee from there. They both head to pick two other call girls, namely Jaxi and Fallon, and many sex toys. The movie forwards with the more concerning situation for the girls and Carter saving them.

    This movie portrays a full set of kinky sex toys and bondage positions in its scenes. The three call girls played their role well, and you will find yourself aroused in those 'kinky' scenes.

    • Paris Pigalle (2018)

      The movie sets back in the 80s France when the porn industry explodes into the market with crimes rising. Two secret cops are tasked with infiltrating the new world. They are driven into the immersive world of seduction and betrayal. The plots are set in the Pigalle district of Paris where the underworld was run with porn and prostitution. A place full of girls, booze, drugs, sex shops, strip joints, and mafias, Pigalle becomes crime centres. Divine, a transsexual nightclub performer, finds her in trouble when she is threatened to death by a dwarf. Two cops are sent on an undercover mission to deal with the situation and find the aggressor. Little did they know that this world is much bigger than what they thought. With some help, they embark on a mission to take out the bug rat along thugs and prostitutes' lines. The movie features some explicit scenes like strippers, night clubs and sex shops with different sex toys for women and men. Bondage and torturing were shown in the movie as the two cops are immersed in the world of seduction and crime.

Sex Movies are Accepted by Large Audience

Sex is a weird topic, as it is a basic necessity. Then also people refrain from talking about it in public. A sacred taboo and a guilty pleasure, sex is the natural phenomenon of loving your partner and you. Movies have frequently portrayed sex scenes to lure attention and to pour in reality to the scenes. The above-given movies are all hits and accepted by a large audience pool. Sex toys and their use is particularly shown in the moves above and hence are a good way to acquaint yourself with the concept. You can check these exciting movies to get familiar with the concept of sex toys and accept them as your pleasure partner. All the above movies have good number of sex scenes and may taste your buds.

As we dive deeper into this subject, you will come to know about many different and unique types of sex toy that may be entirely new for your eyes. Sex toys are the best thing that can help you discover your body and also release the natural urge of sex. Masturbation is already scientifically proved not to cause any harm to the body. It helps release good hormones that help you feel better. When you plan to buy sextoys, always prefer verified and listed websites in this business from years and provide complete satisfaction. Online sextoys sites like and www.mysextoys. in are some of the best budget-friendly sextoys online stores that you can look upon. These stores provide guaranteed safe products that are completely legal and safe for use. There are many branded products like Durex listed on this site. The best part is that sex toys can opt for home delivery without any hassles. You would get your favourite sex toy right infront of your doorstep, safely delivered to you in the package.And if you are a fan of movies portraying sex toys, then check the above five movies that depict a full world of sex and seduction.

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