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Did You Know About These Health Benefits of Masturbation?

Things that make us feel good are what we like often— and sometimes they come in the form of fingers, the faint buzz of a vibrator, the trustee showerhead. No matter what your preferred method of masturbation is, we know masturbation feels great. But did you know that the health benefits of masturbation are just as great?

Things that are good for our mental and physical well-being should be celebrated, but masturbation is heavily debated. So we’re here to settle the score and list down the benefits of masturbation so we have a comprehensive list of why Masturbation isn’t just something to make us feel good but is great for us overall.

But before we move on to the benefits of masturbation on health, let’s discuss…

Is there something like TOO MUCH masturbation?

The simple answer is no. People have different frequencies and preferences for masturbation, and just about everything is A-okay. Whether you like to masturbate once a week, a month, or daily, a little play never hurt anyone. Masturbation is also known to be a great stress reliever and a good way to let go of the pent-up stress, so there’s no judgement when it comes to how many times, or even why people like to masturbate. However, if you notice that masturbation is getting in the way of your daily activities and work life, maybe consider looking to talk to a professional.

However, most people who believe they are addicted simply aren’t as long as it's healthy and not meddling with your life. So don’t let the nay-sayers bring the vibe down.

Here are Some Health Benefits of Masturbation?

1. It lowers the risk of prostate cancer

The health benefits of male masturbation have been studied for a long time. A study in 2004 studied men from all walks of life and concluded that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month lower their risk of contracting prostate cancer by 10%. The same study was conducted on the very men who participated in the 2004 test and they indeed had lower chances of having prostate cancer as opposed to men who indulged in the act 7-8 times a month.

2. Raise your immunity

The cortisol hormone, much like masturbation, is so misunderstood. Ejaculation can help boost cortisol production, which is actually good for you. The hormone has been known as the hormone that wreaks havoc on the system, but in small spurts, it can be great for your immunity and helps regulate it. Masturbation can also increase the production of white blood cells in your system.

3. Helps with your sleep cycle

It's just one of those nights, but you’re having trouble sleeping. A quick wank might actually help. People have adopted a lot of rituals to try to get better sleep- from exercising to eating certain kinds of food, so why hesitate when it comes to masturbation? Orgasm releases can help with the production of good hormones like Oxytocin and Serotonin. Often known as the happy hormones, these hormones make your brain feel relaxed and happy, which could help relieve your mind and give you a better night’s sleep.

4. Good for your mind, Good for your skin

Ever heard about the post-orgasm glow? It exists for a reason! An orgasm increases blood flow and opens up our blood vessels to give people a rosy flush, or even a glow. Those are just the short-term effects, over time, orgasm can help you with the reduction of pimples and blemishes. The health benefits of female masturbation are immense too. It leads to increased estrogen production, which also increases estrogen production. This reduces the collagen elastin breakdown, which slows down the ageing process and gives a youthful glow to the skin.

5. Orgasms can heighten your life span

Remember how we mentioned that orgasms can boost your immunity? So it only makes sense that a better immunity means a better life span. Men who had two or more orgasms each week died at half the rate of males who had less than that number per month, according to a Welsh research of 1000 men conducted over a 20-year period.

Orgasms are also great for the heart. In 2016, the Journal of Health And Social Behavior set out to study the health benefits of sex and orgasms. They found out that orgasms helped lower the chances and frequency of rapid heart-rate, and hypertension, especially amongst those who were 65 and above.

6. Masturbation helps relieve anxiety

So here’s some food for thought. In 2020, when the pandemic broke, Indians got busy getting some sexual release. The percentage of Indians buying sex toys skyrocketed by 65%. There is a good reason for this. Masturbation and orgasms do release feel-good hormones, but it also releases endorphins that help keep depression at bay. It helps people stay in touch with their bodies and understand them better which is a great way to practice mindfulness too.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no shame in having a little fun, especially when it's good for us and our minds. Now that you know the health benefits of masturbation, it’s time to get vibin’.
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