Complete Guide To Buying Men’s Sex Toys In India

Complete Guide To Buying Men’s Sex Toys In India

Men’s sex toys are the best way to add spice into the sex life of every man. Most of the people who think of buying men’s sex toys in India restrict themselves thinking that sex toys are only good for single men.

Sex toys for men in India are good for even people who have a partner as sex toys help make sex even with a partner very much interesting.

Men’s Sex Toys in India

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If you are looking to buy men’s sex toys in India, there are a lot of sex toy options for men. Below are some of the really popular sex toys for men available in India.


Fleshlight is one of the really popular men’s sex toys in India. Fleshlights are basically vagina-shaped silicone objects. Fleshlights are designed to look like a real vagina and also feel like the real deal when penetrated.

There are fleshlights available in India that are specifically made to look and feel like the vagina of famous porn stars.

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Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve is shaped to look like a penis and is worn over the penis of a man. A penis sleeve helps in extending the length and girth of a man’s penis and helps a lot while having sex with a partner.

There are penis sleeve vibrators as well which functions the same way like a regular penis sleeve but has a vibration motor in it to give men extra pleasure with or without a partner.

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Dual Pleasure Masturbation Cup

A dual pleasure masturbation cup is something that can give men the pleasure of both a vagina and anus. A dual pleasure masturbation cup is very much similar to a flashlight, but in a dual pleasure masturbation cup, there are two holes, one designed to resemble like a vagina and the other to feel like the anus. Dual pleasure masturbation cups are also mostly manufactured out of body-safe silicone.

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Beginner’s Tips for Men’s Sex Toys in India

If you are going to purchase your first men’s sex toy, then below are some tips that will help you out:

  1. Always make sure that you purchase your male sex toy from a reputed online adult store.
  2. Check if whether you have an allergy to the material used to manufacture the sex toy. Most of the sex toys are made of silicone and body-safe plastic but do check it out before buying.
  3. If you are buying a sex toy to enjoy with your partner, it is best to consider your partner’s opinion on the sex toy before making a purchase.
  4. Before buying a sex toy, do check for reviews from previous customers to understand whether the sex toy is worth buying or not.

Where to buy Male Sex Toys in India?

There are many websites where you can buy men sex toys. But you need to keep certain points in mind:

1. Will your information be discreet?

This is the first thing you need to take care of because you do not want your information to go public. We, at TryKarte hai ensure that your information is 100 percent discreet.

2. How will the sex toys be packed? 

You will not understand anything from the packaging what is inside. :-) They will be packed like any other e-commerce products. For any questions, please feel free to WhatsApp us on 91 8296441442

3. Is it good to buy sex products for fun?

There is no bad in buying sex products. We all deserve having some fun time. 

Buy Sex toys for Men and Gift Yourself Some Pleasure- Because you Deserve it

We hope that the above guide on buying men’s sex toys in India was helpful and informative to you. If you have already bought any sex toy for men in the past, do mention the toy and your experience with it as comments below.

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