7 Effective Ways to Make Your Sex Last Longer

7 Effective Ways to Make Your Sex Last Longer

Today’s generation is always in a sprinting mode. They want to do things as quickly as possible. While that’s a great strategy in most of the cases, there are some situations when it’s better to slow down and last a bit longer. Of course, sex is one of them! It’s no doubt that everyone wants to spend a few extra minutes on the bed and make sex more enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While it may sound a bit hard to digest, nearly 45% of men ejaculate within 3-4 minutes. And, the average intercourse session lasts for 5-6 minutes, excluding the foreplay. No matter what you have seen in porn, the reality is completely different. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you also have to ejaculate quickly. By following certain tips, you can make your sex last longer and make it more satisfying as well. These tips involve everything, starting from trying different positions to trying edging (we’ll explain it further) before sex using fleshlight in India. So, if you are also struggling to spend more time on the bed, continue reading, the following guide will be helpful. 

Use Thick Condoms

Of course, you’d be using condoms while having sex. However, if you are struggling with premature ejaculation, you can switch to condoms with thick rubber. These types of condoms reduce friction and give you a few more minutes to give her the best thrusting experience. 

Many condom manufacturers also design special condoms for people who ejaculate quickly. These condoms have a numbing lube that numbs down nerves and as a result, both of you will be able to enjoy the pleasure for a longer time period. 

Masturbate Before Sex 

As surprising as it may seem, but masturbating an hour before having sex can actually give you those extra minutes you want. When you haven’t ejaculated in a really long time, even a small touch or lick can make you cum (literally). 

To avoid such a scenario, it is better to jerk off prior to having sex and relieve the pressure beforehand. To make things more exciting, you can also use fleshlight in India as this will give sensations to your cock and you’ll be able to stay hard for a longer time period. 

Let Her Cum First

While having sex, guys usually care about their desires. The majority of guys forget that the girl also needs to enjoy a pleasure-full orgasm. So, instead of thrusting her like a mad man, try becoming more passionate. Understand your girl’s body and do the essentials to make her cum first. 

For instance, some girls really enjoy getting their pussy licked. If your girl is the same, make sure to go down and eat her pussy to give her the best experience. Once she’s done, she’ll be more than happy to do the same favor and help you cum more passionately. 

Try Edging

Edging is a technique that has helped many guys regain their confidence in bed. If you’re not familiar here’s what you should know. Edging is a technique where you start jerking off and stop immediately seconds before you’re about to cum. Then, let your dick go to rest and repeat this process 4-5 times. 

No doubt, you’ll cum eventually, but the orgasm will be more satisfying and you’ll be able to stay in the game for comparatively longer. You can also use fleshlight in India for edging as it’ll give you life-like sensations and more satisfying experience. 

Work Out

Studies have shown that men who are physically active are likely to stay longer in bed as compared to guys who aren’t in good shape. Believe it or not, but physical fitness plays a major role in deciding one’s performance in bed. 

So, if you aren’t in the right shape, make sure to work out on a regular basis. While working out, focus on strength training and limit the cardio sessions. Lifting weights will boost the body’s testosterone level and help you become sexually active. 

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys have become a new trend for couples these days. Gone are the days when people would use sex toys for self-pleasure. Today, even if you are in a fully satisfying relationship, you can use sex toys to make your sex life more enjoyable. 

There are plenty of sex toys, apart from fleshlight in India, in the market that couples can use to enjoy a fulfilling experience. Some of the most popular sex toys for couples include handcuffs, vibrators, babydoll dresses, etc. 

Take Pills

If you are seriously struggling with premature ejaculation and none of the above-mentioned techniques work, you can simply take pills that’ll boost your sex drive and help you spend more time while having sex. There are many performance enhancement pills that come in different dosages. 

Before you start taking a pill, however, make sure to consult a medical professional to know whether it’s safe for your health or not. These pills also have several side-effects and that’s why it is essential to consult a professional and choose the right dosage as per your body. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Everyone wants to spend a few extra minutes while having sex. The above-mentioned tips will help you boost your sex drive and make your intercourse more enjoyable. However, if premature-ejaculation has become a regular thing for you, it’s better to consult a medical professional and undergo the right treatment. In many cases, health problems can cause a man to ejaculate quickly. In this scenario, medical treatment would be far more beneficial than any other shortcuts. 

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