7 Best Sex Positions Where You Can Enjoy Your Sex Toys to the Fullest

7 Best Sex Positions Where You Can Enjoy Your Sex Toys to the Fullest

For people who think sex toys are only a tool for masturbating, I can only say that you are completely wrong. People use sex toys extensively for masturbation, but that's not their full usage. Sex toys are also used by couples to enhance their sex sessions and reach the tip of pleasure. Ranging from the Kamasutrapositions to the sex in the kitchen, you can incorporate sex toys in your daily sex life to reach the state of tipsiness. Pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand as they cannot be separated. If you use spanking, bondage and scratching, these are all pleasure-pain that both the participants of sex can receive. They enhance sex pleasure by adding surprise and pain to sex.

If you are having sex with your partner frequently, you must know that women cannot be aroused quickly, and also they take time to reach their peak. While men can quickly have an orgasm, women need frequent stimulation and love to get an orgasm. People who think that sole penetration can lead her to orgasm are utterly wrong and need to look at things differently. In this article, we have provided you details about 7 easy-to-go positions that when combined with some sex toys, can get your ultimate pleasure in your life. We all love sex, no denying on that. So if we just experiment with it a little at a time, then our sex life would become better and satisfied.

Using sex toys to the fullest often depends upon the sex position that you chose. Definitely, the best sex position is anything in which you are comfortable. But apart from that, you can also experiment these new sex positions that are given below. Most of these sex positions are already present, and hence you are not going to do something out of this world. These are classic sex positions that when combined with sex toys, will give you and your partner utmost pleasure.

Top 7 Sex Positions for Using Sex Toys

  1. Seat Position:

    It is a simple and classic sex position where the male partner sits on the chair, and the female partner sits on him. This classic position is liked by many couples sue to its simplicity and the freedom it gives to both of the partners to hold each other. The male partner can use a vibrating sex toy to please the women's clitoris from the front. The seating sex position enables the male partner to feel the women's full body and her weight, which might be a huge turn-on for many sex enthusiasts out there. You can take the multi-speed discreet pleasure vibrator to pleasure her clitoris while penetrating her vagina.

  2. Side-Spoon Sex Position:

    It's related to the missionary position of lying down adjacent to each other on the sides. It is a good position for couples looking for some cuddling along with penetration. The spooning of the women's genital by the male partner makes it attractive and pleasing. The woman can use finger fun vibrator to please their clitoris while getting jacked from behind. The male partner can also wrap the women's leg around his body, which makes his hand free for movement. And hence he can also use and guide the vibrators to please his woman.
  3. Strap on Squat position:

    It is a doggy-like position where you both are sitting like doing squats. This position can be enjoyable for lesbian sex or sex where the male partner also wants to get penetrated. Hence wear the strap-on sex toy and penetrate your partner with pleasure if you get a vibrator also, then it a cherry on the cake.

  4. Classic doggy position:

    It's the classic doggy position that is also one of the simplest sex positions where the male dominates the female. In this position, you can use a clitoral vibrator to please your female partner from behind. Being one of the most practices sex position globally, the doggy style sex position is also comfortable for both the partners as they are not doing something extra-demanding on their body.
  5. Girl-on-top:

    It is a fanatical position where the girl gets on a cow-girl position riding the cock. N this sex position, the girl is free to move as she pleases and hence she is the dominating member here. If you are looking for some out of the way adventure, you can try this position with the partner. This position can be a little risky as the girl has to ride well without getting out. As far as the sex toys used here, you can get a dildo vibrator and please her clitoris from the front.

  6. The Missionary Position:

    It is one of the classiest sex positions of all times and is also one of the couples' most preferred sex positions. The thing that makes it the best is the comfort and freedom it provides to both the partners. In this position, the woman lays on her back, and the man is on top of her feeling all her body. If you want to spice up this sex position, then you can tell your man to remain on his knees supported by his hands on the bed. And you should place a vibrator in between so that both of you can feel the warmth and shaking of the vibrator. The vibrations and penetration will make you reach orgasm very quickly.

  7. Blind Strap Position:

    It is a fantasy bondage sex position where any one of the partners gets strapped on, and the eyes are also covered with a cloth. Now the other partner is free to anything that he/ she like to the partner. The surprise element is the best thing in this bondage position as the bondage partner does not know what is going to happen next. You can use bondage sets to plan this fantasy sex position. You can also check movies like 50 Shades of Grey to get an idea of this act.

    The sex mentioned above positions is the best when you want to experiment with sex toys. The most famous from the above positions are the missionary and the doggy position that is also the easiest. If you want to feel your partner's full-body,then go for the missionary position as it gives you access to their full-body lying on the bed. Doggy position is suitable for males who like dominating and want to take control of the sex. If girls also like to dominate then the best sex position they can try out is the cow-girl position where they are on top of their partner and are in full control to move as she pleases. In most sex positions, you can use sex toys such as simple vibrators to get a double stimulating spot on the woman's body. Along with the stimulating and penetrating, the male can also lurk forwards to kiss the erogenous zones on the woman's body such as neck, breasts, thighs and more.

    What to do before the sex session?

    As also told in the first section of this article, women take time to peak. But once on their peak, they can have multiple orgasms, unlike men. But just getting to sex is a bad idea as it doesn't arouse the female partner. Instead, you can plan and set the mood by dim lights and some soothing music. Then you can start with foreplay by kissing on her neck and then the full body. The more you arouse your partner, the better sex you will get. Hence start with some good foreplay and cuddling and then move with the flow. For cuddling, you can try to make some patterns on her back. Kissing is an essential way of arousing your partner, and it also comes in the foreplay part. Also, try to have a conversation with your partner and if the possible experiment with new sex positions. If you are a fan of role plays, then talk to your girl beforehand and fix the roles. You can watch porn movies with each other and get new ideas of doing fantasy role-plays in your bedrooms. Try to be vocal about what you want. Some people also like to have bondage sex as it adds to the surprise element for the receiving party. Hence you can look for some good sex stores that sell bondage sets at an economical price in India. The sex stores should be operating legally and should be verified to sell authentic products. TryKarteHai is one such sex store with many different options of leading sex toy manufacturers and delivering the product to your doorstep. They also provide alluring discounts to their customers that many people like.
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