6 Weirdest Places to Have Sex Other Than Your Bedroom

6 Weirdest Places to Have Sex Other Than Your Bedroom

While having safe and privacy-full sex is our priority, there are bold enough people to get an adventurous sex session out of their comfortable bedrooms. No doubt there are plenty of bedrooms in this world, whether it’s yours, your partner’s or the hotel bedrooms, but having sex outside your bedrooms is a whole levelling-up experience.  People are now more fluid in terms of their sex location and are not embarrassed in steaming things out of their bedrooms. When more and more people are looking towards fun and standard life, adventure automatically takes hold in their bucket list. And seeking experience with your partner also helps you build a strong relationship and strengthen your intimacy level. Not every sex looks good inside your comfortable home; some best sex of life can also happen in the outside, free world. Many people have tried this daring adventure and were pleased of their experience. Before we go to their reviews, you should have a little idea about the weirdest sex locations completely in your reach. You don't need to climb a mountain and go to heaven; just open your daring mind and get ready for a thrilling adventure.


This blog talks about 5 weirdest looking places you can make out with your partner. Remember, people may call you crazy for this, but who cares!

  1. Movie Corner Seats : Fairly obvious choice, taking advantage of a dark corner seat, you can start spicing things up. Movie halls are quite big and when the lights are off, look somewhat isolated, and as people are engrossed in watching movies, there are some couples who use this advantage to its best. Do you know that our adrenaline hormones start pumping when we are doing any activity in a non-conventional and thrilling way? That's exactly what you'll feel when your hands are busy exploring her body, and you kiss her on her neck. And then there is a fear of getting caught in middle, but who cares!

  2. Conference Room : Not all conference rooms are for business meetings, some are more flexible in its operation. If you get what I mean, then certainly you have a tainted mind ready to explore adventurous sex places. So the next time when everyone has left and you two are still working, make sure to take a break from your hectic work. Do something more productive in the conference room that you’ll remember throughout your life. Maybe you are afraid of your boss or the watchman coming for office closure, but who cares!

  3. Two-Wheeler Trip : Now this may sound a little risky, but has its own rewards. The most obvious sex position in this condition would be that your girl comes at the front while you are driving the bike and she has freedom to do anything. It sounds adventurous and can be tried especially in the night when you are driving on a free highway. Many adventurer couples have tried this sex position and they have a very expressive opinion about this type of sex. Remember not to leave the handles and grab your girl, otherwise the trip might not end so well. 

  4. Out in the Snow : If you ask me a way to beat the coldness of the snowy season, I can’t think of a better way than this. Not to demean those people who don’t live in snowy regions, this steamy snowy sex experience is a one of its kind. So if you are planning your honeymoon vacation to some chilly & snowy place, make sure to add this in your bucket list. The quiet and relaxing atmosphere lets you have a fantastic privacy-full sex in the midst of snow. Don’t lay there for full day; otherwise you may get washed away to the North Pole!

  5. Wedding Ceremony : Of course not your wedding, but can be your friends or relatives. What do you say of getting fully ready to go to the wedding ceremony and instead having a full party of yours there? It’s an exciting idea to try with your girlfriend the next time you are invited for some party. Just make sure to spend sufficient time with your friends too so you don’t get caught, but then again who cares!

  6. Airplane/ Restaurant Washroom : In a crowded place, getting some privacy time for you is such a relief. The prospect of having sex in the washroom of airplanes or restaurants sounds cool, but it is equally challenging as well. I get it that in long flight hours, you may get bored from just sitting around and hence would like to have a quick flashy session. Do it but be careful of the crowd as many people would want to use the washroom at any point of time.

    All these places are easily accessible and hence is not out of your reach. So the next time you think about adding more spice in your sex life then do try out these new sex locations that are filled with daring and adventure. Don’t worry about failure, because ultimately you still have your bedrooms intact. Isn’t it? Try roaming to new places and trying fun at those places. A benefit of having sex outside is that you’ll have a thrilling adventure added to your ‘Done List’ that you can cherish forever. And if you are frightened of the people, then remember that no one is gonna’ come hunting you because no one is going to remember that the next day. Everyone would be busy in their lives would have more pressing work to take care of rather than remembering what other people were doing at the time.

    What are your thoughts on these weird places to have sex at? Do comment the weirdest place that you had sex at so the audience can also know about your adventurous nature.

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