6 Most Indian Kamasutra Sex Positions That You Can’t Miss Out This Weekend

6 Most Indian Kamasutra Sex Positions That You Can’t Miss Out This Weekend

Kamasutra, our Ancient Indian Sex Book, has been a constant source of knowledge regarding all the sex positions and the different ways to please your partner. Surprisingly, Kamasutra was invented in India much before people were even aware of women's necessities and various sex taboos. After marriage, couples constantly see a dip in their sexual satisfaction as everything becomes repeating and hence boring. To sail past this stagnancy in your sexual life, you need to keep experimenting with new things. And there are many ways to get that, one of which is to try new sex positions. In this post, we bring to you the Kamasutra Indian sex positions that can spark your sexual life. All these positions are proved to be beneficial in enhancing the sexual life and act as a way to rejuvenate your sex life.

Debra Liano, D.H.S is a renowned sex therapist, says that 'The original Kamasutra was about the art of living and loving well and obtaining and maintaining the pleasures of life- including sex and love.'

  • Pretzel Dip: A sex position similar to the doggy style, this position enables you to look into your partner's eye directly. It enables the women to reach out and wrap his hip while the man can easily reach out to her nipples & breasts while stimulating them. To go for this cool sex position, the woman needs to lie on her right side, whereas the partner straddles your leg while curling the left leg. In this way, he can penetrate you directly while stimulating your nipples.

  • Doggy Style: One of the most revered sex positions was given to us by the Kamasutra. It's a perfect way of having sex that helps you completely feel her body and wrap her in your hands. While you can't directly look into her eyes, but that's not an obstacle. If that's something that fascinates you, you can use a mirror while doing it to her. One of the good reasons to choose doggy-style is that it gives you a freehand to check the tempo of the sex. The male can increase or decrease the tempo of his act as many women like to get aggressive pounding during their orgasm time. To get in this Indian sex position, get on all your four and increase your hip area higher. The male can now come from behind and adjust the height for a better act.

  • Cowgirl Helper: Perhaps you are familiar with the cowgirl sex, and this Indian sex position sounds really yummy on that. Very similar to the cowgirl sex position, the women here are in charge of the act. She is riding you from above, and your hands are free to rub her clitoris, touch her boobs and nipples, and even she can bend backwards if you want. To do this sex position, you need to get on top of him and kneel forwards so that both your chests are rubbing. The benefit is that you can feel his muscular chest rubbing against your nipple, which acts like stimulation. While you can also control the pace of the sex, this sex position needs a little care as like every other cowgirl sex position in terms of not getting his dick out of your vagina.

  • The Om: The Om Indian sex position is where you sit with your folded legs, just like in the Om chanting position. The girl also will sit in the same position by curling her hip. She is sitting at the top of you with her legs crossed with her pelvis in contact with your penis. She can ride up and down your penis by sitting in this position. Although this position requires a little effort, it is a fantastic position where you want to feel every inch of her body and get closer to her mouth. With your free hands, you can rub and stimulate her nipple.

  • G-Whiz: G-whiz, as the name suggests, is an excellent position, where you can directly stimulate her G-spot. As the angle here makes it very easy for the penis to reach the G-spot, this position is preferred by many people. According to our Kamasutra, to do this position, the male partner must sit on his knees. The women lie on her back very close to his pelvis region. Her legs are spread apart and are resting on top of the man's shoulders. In this position, the male can control the tempo as he can with his hands, pull and push the women according to his need. The woman is also free to rub the clitoris for some extra stimulation.

  • Magic Mountain: A position suitable for lesbian sex. In this position, there is a formation of fountain-like structure as both your pelvis area is lifted upwards. It's a little tough Indian sex position for first-timers but surely goes well with time. In this, the person sits on his butt and legs crossed with their hands supporting on the back. The women also do the same and drift toward him to make contact. This Kamasutra Indian sex position is one of the best ways for lesbian sex as you can use a double-headed dildo to penetrate each other's vagina.

With the above Indian sex positions in play, you can rejuvenate your sexual life back to the first place. These Kamasutra sex positions are meant to change the repetitive sex positions like missionary sex and get you to experiment with more new positions. By trying new positions, you will form a form of understanding and hence develop your relationship. While there were many great sex positions in Kamasutra, we chose the above six positions based on the ease of doing it for the first-timers. Certainly, in our next blog, we will unwrap more Kamasutra Indian sex positions for you.

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