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Fleshlight Pink Lady Original (USA)

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original (USA)

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Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

If you are looking for real sex like masturbation then our Fleshlight Pink Lady (original) is the best in the class. It offers the most realistic sexual experience you can imagine. When you penetrate this fleshlight, you’ll feel like entering a real vagina. The orifice of this fleshlight looks like a real vagina and gives a real feel.

The Original Pink Lady USA fleshlight is a stamina training unit that comes in discreet packaging which makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. The material used for making the fleshlight is smooth and stretches adequately. It fits around your penis so comfortably and gives you warmth like a real vagina. It’s comfortable to hold during your ‘me’ time

We know you dream of a plump and warm vagina just like you see it in porn movies. Who doesn’t? That’s where the real feel is. We are happy to report that our fleshlight is extremely similar to a vagina, gets warm during the movements and retains heat that gives you a mind blowing experience during masturbating. The best part is that our Pink Lady fleshlight can adjust to the body temperature.

Product Specifications

Total Length – 9.75 inches (24.7 cm)

Insertable Length – 8.5 inches (21.5 cm)

Material – Super smooth and soft patented SuperSkin interior

Color – Skin Pink

Key Features

1. Designed for men for their ultimate self-pleasure

2. It’s a smooth sleeve that is great for increasing stamina in longer-sessions

3. It’s also makes for a perfect choice for those men who have more sensitivity and may not like too many textures

3. The orifice looks and feels like the real vagina

4. Easy to store and carry because of its discreet packaging

How to use Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Properly for Maximum Pleasure?

1. Remove the cap

2. Lube yourself up with a water-based lubricant

3. Slip your penis inside and enjoy

4. If you’ve been using any of the other Fleshlights, especially Stamina Training Unit, you’ll observe that the smooth surface inside will make you last much longer.

How to clean and store the Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

1. Make sure you clean it all the way to the end with warm soapy water or a sex toy cleaner. Refrain from using too much force or sharp objects to clean.

2. After cleaning the insides thoroughly, leave it out to air dry until it's completely dry. The patented SuperSkin material is long-lasting but only if you treat it properly.

3. Never replace the cap of the inside of the fleshlight even if it’s slightly damp. This will create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow that will not only start to smell bad, but it will also damage the SuperSkin, not to forget that this can pass on the bacteria to you.

4. Before putting the lid back on the fleshlight, check properly if it is clean and dry. Place it somewhere out of direct sunlight to air dry as the direct sunlight may cause harm to the material.


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