Which sex position suits your zodiac sign? Find out now.

Which sex position suits your zodiac sign? Find out now.

No one can think that there are special sex positions based on the zodiac signs of the people. And sure, it is weird and embarrassing but equally pleasing. Zodiac gins are astrological sign elements that affect people's behaviour and nature and are followed by many people around the globe.

Have you read your 'sex rashifal' or astrological prediction of your zodiac sign?

You sure must have read them atleast once in your life. Many behavioural characteristics are concerned with the zodiac sign that is associated with you. And among these characteristics, sex is also one of them. It can tell which sex position would be suitable for you and your partner and can help you achieve the maximum pleasure out of it. The simple logic behind the zodiac signs affecting your choice of sex position is that each zodiac sign corresponds to different types of behavioural characteristics such as domination, winning, shy, introvert and more. Hence these behavioural characteristics demand different sex position that would suit their needs and wants. If you know your zodiac sign, then simply roll to find your favourite sex position that makes your world go 'good' to 'wooooow'.

    • 1. Aries A sign of action, strength and dominance; you like winning whether it is in the competition or bed. The physically enduring and winning nature lets the Aries try hard sex positions like a calliper, standing sex position, the ankle choker and more. An added surprise can be in the form of a challenge which aries usually likes to pick up in their life. To proceed with the calliper position, both need to stand on their legs, where the male partner lifts the female like a trophy. The female legs wrap the male's hip, and her hands are holding his neck. The male has full control over the sex position and can adjust the speed and thrust as per his wish.

    • 2. Taurus: A sign of romance, beauty and artistic relationships, Taurus are creative human beings who like to try new romantic ideas. The innate sensual desire of feeling their partners lead to thirst with favourable sex positions such as missionary. Missionary is a widely used sex position where both the partners are laying, the male over the female and facing each other. The male partner controls the sex speed and thrust while he moves forwards and backwards.

    • 3. Gemini:A sign of advance and curious species, Gemini people are known for their expressive and vocal nature. That's certainly a good aspect of a relationship as communication is very important there. Their hunger for exploration leads them to sex position that can be changed at their whim and quickly taken. The best sex position for Gemini could be the crab walk or the necklace of venus. The necklace of venus is an interesting sex position where the male is standing and takes the female in his arms, lifting them up. The female is bent oppositethe male, in a backwards position with her legs wrapping the man's hip. This position can be easily switched to the missionary position by leaning back on the pillow and satisfying Gemini's curiousness.

    • 4. Cancer:A sign of great compassion and emotion, the Cancer people are led by the moon, which is a sign of serenity and sensual care. Hence these people like a taste of sensual intimacy with tongue kisses, exploring various hidden parts of the body and being one of the cardinal signs; they love affectionate dominance. These people's best positions come as a variation of cowboy/ cowgirl like watering cam or doggy position using sex vibrators. To do the watering can position, let the girl go in the cowgirl position and lean on his entire body so that their bodies are touching each other completely. This sex position amplifies intimacy, and both penetration and kisses can be done simultaneously.

    • 5. Leo: A sign ruled by the mighty sun, the leo people are characterised with high energy, confident, driven lovers, and dominance. These things are evident in the bedroom with exhibitionism and fantasy plays where the leo dominates the other partner. Some of the favourable position for leois captain, doggy, or get a doggy blowjob from the next person. The captain is a simple position where the women lay on her back, and the male is standing in between her wide open legs. You can have intimate eye-contact in this sex position.

    • 6. Virgo: A sign of detail-oriented, curious, and communicative person, virgo people, are precise and intelligent and often too sensitive. They love talking and satisfying other people and hence are often loved in a social circle. Tending to be more of a submissive kind of person during sex, virgo people can try Aphrodite, X marks the spot and more. In the X mark, the spot sex position, the female partner lays on her back, and the male makes a cross X with her legs while penetrating in the standing position. The woman holds him with her hands, having some control of the flow.

    • 7. Libra: A sign of artistic, socialising and romantic nature, libra people are often considered as good communicative and adorable. They are one of the cardinal signs, and hence among with affection also come to the dominant nature. Some of the sex positions they'll love are soft rock and 69 that align with their romantic and dominant nature. The 69 position is quite a famous position that lets both the partners stimulate each other equivalently and simultaneously. In this, the man lies on his back and the female lies on top of the man in a reverse position.

    • 8. Scorpio: A sign of lust, passion, secrecy, mystery and charm; Scorpio people are considered introvert and secretive but are hugely passionate and egoistic. They control the eighth planet that stands for sex and transformation. Scorpios want to try every sex position, fantasies, fetish and more to the fullest. Some of the best sex position to satisfy a Scorpio is bow, legs up and more. In the legs up position, the male partner is laying over the female with her legs up in the air, meanwhile controlling the full sex flow and penetration.

    • 9. Sagittarius: A sign of enthusiasm, gregariousness and adventurous, the Sagittarius people love adventure, whether in their life or bed. They are bold, joyful, and hold a desire to check the unchecked territories, meanwhile exploring new things. Hence some of the best sex position for them is X marks the spot, three-legged dog and more. In the three-legged dog position, both partners are standing, and the male partner lifts your leg and hence the name three-legged is given to this sex position.

    • 10. Capricorn: A sign of an industrial, focussed and energetic person, Capricorn people love to take on challenges. So they are willing to take on the hard work job whether in life or bed, and are fully sensual and intimate with their connection. Some of the sex position that fits their mentality is coital alignment technique, cowgirl and more. Cowgirl is a famous and well-known position that these people can do for the fullest enjoyment.

    • 11. Aquarius: A sign of innovative and free-spirit animal, the aquarius people, are ruled by Uranus, a planet of change. Hence these people do not want to follow the conventional route and enhance and improvise a new route to achieve things. This is evident in bed with some of their favourite sex positions to be twisted amazon and anal. We know that anal is a very rough and non-conventional type of sex that many people do not prefer. Hence the aquarius people love doing anal.

    • 12. Pisces: A sign of rationality, dream and spirituality; the pisces people love intimacy and want to take it to a special level. They are very empathetic and passionate with their partners and want to build an emotional connection first before getting in bed. Hence it's best to develop a deep connection with these people before going for sex. Then you would be able to extract their rawness and serenity during sex. Some of their favourite sex position includes the yin-yang and in the chair position. The chair position is a simple position where the male is sitting on the chair, and the female sits over him, giving a full eye-contact and kissing zones that lead to intimacy.

Hence, these were some of the best sex positions according to the zodiac sign. It will surely help you achieve a satisfying bed experience. Every zodiac sign corresponds to a different set of behavioural characteristics that determine the personality of the people. Before going on the bed with him/ her, it's recommended to at-least know their zodiac sign, and hence you can know what they generally want in bed. Then you can figure out a suitable sex position that aligns in their interest and yours too. For some people, sex is too much of a physical need. For some, it is emotional, hence figuring out a perfect combination of sex position that matches both of your taste.

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