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Things You Should Remember Before Buying Your First Sex Toy

Posted by Jignesh Gediya on

Things You Should Remember Before Buying Your First Sex Toy


Buying your first sex toy can be exciting but quite challenging at the same time. Why? Because there are dozens of sex toys available in the market that you are most likely to get confused which is the right sex toy for your needs. From dildos to sex vibrators to butt plugs, the sheer amount of sex toys will make it too difficult to pick the best adult products to satisfy your fantasies. That’s why we are here to help.

We have designed a list of things you should remember before purchasing your first sex toy, be it a vibrator or a dildo in India. The following post will help you choose the most suitable sex toy among dozens of options. So, if you also have never bought a sex toy in the past, stick along, at the end of this blog, you’ll be ready to shop for your first sex toy.

‘Body Safe’ label is a Must

First things first; you want your sex toy to be completely safe. While there are hundreds of adult product manufacturers in the market, make sure to do your research to find products that come with a ‘body safe’ label. These types of sex toys are usually made up of porous silicon, glass, and wood. The reason why ‘body safe’ label is important because they don’t cause any vaginal infection.

A sex toy that isn’t safe for your body is likely to cause infection, which can further cause critical health issues. So, make sure that the sex toy you buy has a ‘body safe’ label’. At TryKarteHai, we ensure to provide completely safe sex toys so that you can take self-pleasure to the next level without affecting your health at all.

Size & Length of the Sex Toy

Adult products in India come in different shapes and sizes. From small bullet vibrators to huge realistic dildos, sex toys vary on the basis of size. Now, each type of sex toy is meant to hit specific spots. For instance, a small bullet vibrator is designed for clitoris stimulation only whereas a rabbit vibrator can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris as well as G-spot.

Similarly, a realistic dildo replicates the human penis and is huge in size. It is specifically designed to go deep and provide immense pleasure through deep penetration. So, if you already know your body preferences, you can easily pick the right sex toy. For instance, if you enjoy clitoris massages, you can pick rabbit and bullet vibrators. However, if you want to enjoy deep penetration, picking a realistic dildo in India is the right option.


Girth is also going to be a crucial deciding factor while choosing the right sex toy for your body. A quick and easy way to choose the right girth is to hold the number of fingers, you can easily insert in your vagina, up to the insertable part of dildo in India. To make things more exciting, you can also add one more finger while checking the girth of the dildo.


Buy a Good Lube

Since it is your first time buying adult products, make sure to add good sex lubricants to your shopping cart along with the sex toy. Using lube will decrease the friction, which will make it much easier to insert the sex toy in your vagina, giving you a smoother and enjoyable experience. There are different types of sex lubricants available in the market.

However, water-lubes and silicone-lubes are the most popular sex lubricant choices among people. If your sex-toy is completely made up of silicone and there’s no additional material, you can use silicone sex lube. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a glass or wooden dildo in India, using the silicone lube will damage its surface. In this case, you should use water-based lube only.

Do Not Hesitate & Experiment With Your Body

For the first time, you may not pick the right sex toy. However, that’s completely fine. As long as you have a toy in your hand, you are free to explore and experiment with your body. Try to figure out things that turn you on and make you cum. Once you are familiar with your body and your preferences, it’ll become much easier to pick the right sex toy to satisfy your needs and fulfill your wildest fantasies.


Pro Tip: Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

It is extremely important to keep your sex toys clean so that they don’t cause any infection. Every time you use your sex toy, make sure to wash it properly after the session. There are dedicated sex toy cleaners that you can use to wash your sex toys and keep them clean.



The above-mentioned tips will help you buy the best sex toy for your body. Make sure to browse our collection of sex toys for women. At Trykartehai, we provide you with the best sex toys that are designed to hit the right spo

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