No Intimacy in Long Distance Relationships? Here's How to Cope

No Intimacy in Long Distance Relationships? Here's How to Cope

Long distance relationships are hard.

Due to the lack of intimacy in a long distance relationship, it can feel like your heart is being scooped out of your chest day by day. And the feeling gets worse as weeks pass by.

You know the distance won’t last forever, but waiting every day seems to get harder. Although many people say that long distance relationships just won’t work, only you and your partner can decide how to write your story.

During this time period, coping can be difficult. If you are looking for ways to cope, we have got a bunch of tips that you can try out.

Bring Intimacy in a Long Distance Relationship With These Tips:

1. Look forward to something together

Uncertainty is the biggest killer of a long distance relationship. Will things work out? Do they still like me? Questions such as these pop up in your head from time to time.

Therefore, in a long distance relationship, you both should have something to look forward to. It can be something as simple as waiting for the day when you meet each other the next time one of you visits the town. Or you both can also plan a vacation and spend some days together.

Looking forward to something together gives hope and helps you to cope.

2. Talk dirty

Things can get hard when you are in the mood. But you don’t have to feel unfulfilled just because you are in a long distance relationship.

You can always turn off the lights and start a dirty talk with your partner. Start by flirting with them, tell them what you miss the most about your past sexual encounters, and talk about what you want to try with them next time.

It will spice things up the next time you meet and the wait will be totally worth it.

3. Don’t force communication

Communication is necessary, but it should always be natural. You shouldn’t talk to them just because you have to talk.

So don’t force communication by fixing things like how frequently you both should call each other. After all, communication isn’t just about talking. It is about connecting with each other effortlessly.

If you aren’t truly connecting while talking to each other, feeling intimacy in a long distance relationship can be really difficult.

4. Fantasize

Instead of forcing your brain to avoid thinking about physical intimacy, fantasize about it. Create scenarios in your head that you can act out.

When you meet your partner next time, share what you want to do with them. Then, you both can get intimate and act out your fantasies.

You can spice up your fantasy time by using sex toys to make them more realistic.

5. Talk about your next sexy time together

If you are missing the physical intimacy with your partner, start flirting with them. Send them flirty texts. Also, using couples sex toys can help with intimacy in a long distance relationship.

Talk about what you want to do with them when you both spend a sexy time together. Tell them details of everything you wanna try out. It will help you and your partner get intimate and look forward to the future.

6. Countdown

When you know exactly how many days you have to wait, it becomes easier to cope with the distance.

Start counting the days backwards till the time you have got left for the next meeting. With each passing day, you get more and more eager and optimistic.

7. Spend some ‘Me Time’

Long distance relationships can be really hard. But this space can also be an opportunity to discover yourself. Give some time to yourself and do the things that make you happy.

Appreciate the time that you spend in solitude. It will make you happier, and as a result, you will be less stressed about your relationship.

8. Please yourself

Now that you are all by yourself, it’s a chance to discover what you like sexually. Try different sex toys and explore your deepest self.

Even though sex toys cannot provide emotional intimacy like your partner, you never know what you may end up discovering about yourself. When you meet your partner next time, you can tell them exactly what you want them to do.

If you wanna make things spicy and feel long distance intimacy, you can also chat or get on a phone call with your partner while masturbating and have a fun time.

9. Watch a movie together

Make full use of technology and streaming services and watch movies together. You can talk to each other on a video call while watching the movie. It will help you relax and you both will also have something to discuss.

10. Send pics of your daily life

Talking and chatting isn’t the only way to communicate in a long-distance relationship. You can send quick, short, and funny snaps to each other about what you are doing throughout the day.

It will help you feel more connected to your partner, and it also requires less effort than a scheduled meeting time.

The Key Takeaway To Help With Long Distance Intimacy

You don’t have to go ahead and try all of these tips at once. You can follow the ones that you think will work best in your favor. If one tip doesn’t work out, you can always try another one.

Getting intimacy in a long distance relationship can be hard. However, it is not impossible. And in the end, all the wait will be really worth it. Just remember that time will pass and you will be able to meet your beloved soon.

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