How-To Guide on 10 Ways To Connect With Your Partner

How-To Guide on 10 Ways To Connect With Your Partner

Who doesn’t love the Honeymoon Phase? Shades of pink and red seem a little less corny, and the giggles a little brighter. But relationships are so much more than the Honeymoon phase. They require care, effort, nurturing, and a heavy dose of understanding and there are so many ways to connect with your partner. While these words and steps might seem challenging, we know that for the right people, it is so worth the effort. Here are 10 ways to connect with your partner.

10 Ways To Connect With Your Partner

Do chores together

A simple unspoken rule is that no one likes to do chores regularly. But they are, indeed, a necessity. Doing small chores is an unexpectedly big way of showing your partner that you care and an underrated way to connect with your partner. Switch your chores up so you have equal responsibility and try doing the dishes for once! Unloading the laundry, taking out the garbage, and walking the dog- for how unglamorous they sound can bring a wide smile to your partner’s face.

Do remember, however, that you’re doing these chores because you care for them, not because you expect them to reciprocate in some way.

Stay in touch

This might seem like a very basic piece of advice, but staying in touch can be surprisingly difficult for some couples. What seems like an easy and natural step can suddenly start to look like a task when the circumstances are tough. With the added weight of schedules and pressures of life in the mix, staying in touch is not that easy after all. But, staying in touch doesn’t need to be so daunting. Send them a meme, or a quick “thinking about you” text, or just ring them up to say hello. Small ways to reassure your partner that you’re thinking about them can go a long way.

Make plans, or do something spontaneous: But just do it!
Dating requires you to get out of your comfort zone from time to time, but what happens when you’re past that dating phase? It’s common for couples to forget about “those days” when they’d go out on spontaneous dates, or even step out for a quick ice cream date once a routine is set.

Sunny picnics and long road trips aren’t the only options people have when it comes to planning a date. Start with small plans, but remember to embrace those little traditions and plans that helped you fall in love with your partner in the first place.

There is a right way of fighting

Fights are inevitable, and we all know that, but remind yourself of how you have to fight because, yes, there is a right way to fight. Being empathetic is key, but expressing that you understand is also just another way you can navigate an argument. Remember to take breaks (and not the storming off kind!) and take a moment to collect yourself before making an impulsive comment.

Remember, breaks could also mean taking a break for yourself and doing things that you like for yourself as it prepares you to enter a headspace that is self-assured. While self-affirmation is great, remember to try to affirm your partner’s point of view.

But also, find your me-time

Creating some me time in your time is very important. It’s important to maintain your sense of identity and create time for yourself just as it is important to stay in touch with your partner too. Try to recollect the person you were before you entered your relationship, and try to find ways to stay in touch with that person.

It is very easy to fall into a codependent relationship which can be limiting for one's autonomy and sense of independence, and checking in with yourself is very important. Remember to take breaks for yourself in the form of a self-date, some alone time with Netflix, or even just a fun activity you enjoy with yourself.

Remember the small details

Small details make for big gestures in relationships. Just like doing small chores can make a massive statement for your relationship, so can remembering the small details. The small and big accomplishments and their favorite coffee order can all amount to a large piggy bank of precious memories.

Try to have fun in your relationships

Relationships can be a lot of things, but people often relate to the sentiment of thinking that the early stages of relationships were more fun. The humor, banter, and flirty all make for great foundations for a relationship, but as they progress people forget to have the same amount of fun. The lightness in relationships is a great way to counter the hardships, job stress, and the overall compromises people make when they enter relationships.

Practice effective communication

This is slightly different from staying in touch, and keeping the communication healthy is a conscious effort. People often fall back into old habits and bring resistance to communication but here are some reminders for the people reading this:

  • Do not keep your partner second-guessing
  • Do not keep your grievances away from them
  • Notice your partner’s non-verbal cues, and keep them memorized
  • Communication isn’t just about talking, but also about listening

Relationships are all about the give and take

Compromises are bound to happen in any relationship. When you are open to listening and communicating, you’ll realize that it isn’t always about winning, as this is a sure-fire way of building resentment and annoyance towards each other.

When you notice an argument bubbling up, try not to hold the past grievances against each other and focus on the present.

Embrace the ups and downs

If you only expect ups in a relationship, you’re setting yourselves up for disappointment. Your internal problems will often bleed into your partner’s life and relationship, but take a deep breath and remind yourself to not take it out on your partner. This is also a great tip not just for your relationship, but also for your mental health as it forces you to seek healthier ways of coping.

Relationships cannot make you happy

This is perhaps the biggest takeaway from most relationships: it’s not a guarantee for happiness. Instead, how you are feeling internally will be a dominant factor in how your relationship is going. A relationship is not a cure-all for the problems in your life, however, your partner can provide you with a shoulder to lean on during hard times.


Every couple has their own ways of staying connected, but sometimes a guide on ways to connect with your partner can be just the right boost you need to try to seek just an extra kick in your relationship.

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